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First week.

I'm here for one week. orientantation was boring but still now i'm with my hostfamily. the boys are adorable but incredibly small. still i'm pissed because my laptop isn't working and i spent nearly a hundred dollar on a charging cable. fml. i can't return it. i will meet the other au pairs on saturday and i'm glad because i don't come out really good because the boys stay in the house all day. i miss everyone like crazy and sometimes i just wish mom was there to give me a hug. am i pathetic? i think i already lost a couple of pounds. so go on little fatty girl xD.

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Die Miri (14.8.09 00:09)
year! bin ich die erste die hier kommentiert =D?!?!? GEIL! ohje ;_;... das is ja au doof dassu heimweh hast >3<'... hoffe es geht bald vorbei! hauptsache du kommst mal raus! bald gehts au bei mir los! AHHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Freu mich wieder was von dir zu hören *knuwwlll* <333!
stay well <3 yours mirile

anna (30.8.09 10:10)
darling, that killers video won't work!
i miss you, but i hope you have a good time. in randolph. WAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA XD das war zweideutig.

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