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First Month, you can see how quickly things can change

Auf Wunsch von Frau M. aus E. bei K. After one month here now I should start on telling the story that happened. It's the 2nd of September. All started after one week in my first hostfamily. First Hostfamily already doesn't sound that good, right? My AD, Denise was on the answering machine on my free day. My Hostparents tried to call her the other night. She said that she would come by on Monday so we could talk about the problems. Which problems? Until today I have no idea what the problems were. So because my Hostparents were out in NYC with one of the twins, when they came home at 1 PM I tried to talk to them. My Hostmom started yelling at me immediately. She's the Boss in the house, that's something I'm sure about. And the magic words came out of her mouth: "We want an employee and NOT and extended family member, because we already have enough family members." I was just shocked and told them that I wouldn't be able to stay with them for a year. I mean now in the summertime it's not a problem but around Christmas I would go crazy in house with people who do not want me to be in their family. So I called Denise and she talked to my Hostparents and afterwards she talked to me. She said we would talk about everything the next day, because we had a Clustermeeting at Frog Falls, a waterfunpark. When I told her what my Hostmom said to me the other day, she said that she would try to get me out of there as soon as possible. Meanwhile, my family at home went crazy because they didn't know what was going on. Denise picked me up on Sunday at 9:23 AM. I was so glad and scared at the same time because I thought that I might not find another family in Rematch. I slept for over one week on an Airbed that didn't really work how it's supposed to. Henriette's complete room was blocked with my stuff. Henriette, Denise Aupair, the girl I probably know the best right now. We shared a room at the orientation in NY and afterwards we shared a room while I was in Rematch. Denise really helped me with everything. I had a loooooot of families talking to me, from California, over Arizona, over Texas, to Long Island. I didn't want to leave the area, because I met so many people already. So I decided not to match with the family in Texas even though they seemed to be very nice. After I met two families from around the area, I already thought it was hopeless because with neither of them it worked out like I wanted it to. But just after I already gave up inside, Denise told me that a family just 20 minutes from her house was searching for a new Aupair because it didn't work out with the old one. So we met for dinner at a restaurant and now I'm here, with two wonderful girls that I already love, my own car, my own apartment with kitchen and bathroom in the basement and with a pool outside. I love the family and the girls, even though my new Hostparents left only one day after I got here, they're celebrating their anniversary in Mexico. Tomorrow school starts again so everything is getting in a routine. I'm looking forward to my free afternoons even though I love to hang out with the girls. They are great and very easy going. Today in the morning they came down to my room and we all stayed in my bed for about 3 hours till we got hungry and went upstairs to have breakfast. In this family i feel like I'm coming home and like the people around me like me to be around them. I'm looking forward to the next year. I'll write again soon.

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anna (3.9.09 11:45)
thank you ♥
but there are still 333 days left.

Michi (9.9.09 13:00)
awww I'm so glad you're in a nice family now

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