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Two weeks after Rematch

yiha, Great. Did I mention that I love school? Well at least when the girls are there, so I have the whole day "off". well it depends on what you call off. grocery shopping, laundry, crickets for chubby their "pet". There are many things to do but right now I just hang out in my room and try to find out why the heck my back is hurting like crazy. The girls are great but they also are a lot of work especially after school when they are done and tired but still have to do a loooooot of homework, It's crazy what kids in 5th grade in maths learn today. Usually I hang out with Hanna and some other people in the evening. I should think about learning Finnish xD It's weird because all the German girls are just hanging out together and I kinda have nothing to do with any of them. Am I weird or am I just realizing that it's not about making friends with a bunch of German girls. Germans I can also meet in Germany. There's no reason for flying 6000 km to the other end of the world. Well at least thats my opinion. Everything is working out perfect but I still have problems with paying with coins. XD It's really difficult and I don't want to stand in the supermarket fishing for coins when there's a bunch of people waiting behind me. BTW, I found Gerolsteiner when I went shopping with Henriette this weekend. xD I was dancing up and down in the shop and everyone was looking at me like "what the hell is wrong with that girl" I didn't care and bought 2 bottles even though they cost more than the others. WHO CARES? The dryer is done. I have to fold laundry. Missing the family and Anna M. <3

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