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Great weekend.

It's sunday evening and I'm watching House Season 5 on DVD. I just bought the season on saturday when Henriette and I went to Rockaway Mall. Woop Woop. It was a major shopping weekend, It was so great just to get out of the house to do something with one of the people I know the best here. I picked her up at her house on Friday and she slept in my room. She was happy to get out of the house and I was really happy to have some company. So we slept in on Saturday and then we went to Rockaway Mall. I bought sooooo many things I love my new clothes and I looooove my new pair of high heels even though I think I wont wear them to often but who cares? Now I'm watching House. Woop Woop. I'm so not looking forward to the next week. It will be so full of things I have to do. Luckily on Saturday we'll have the Family AuPair Meeting. So Henriette and I can hang out again and try to get some rest. Woop Woop. We also watched a movie "Love Happens" yesterday. How do you feel? A-Okay. With Two-Face and Jennifer Aniston. Let's see what the next week brings.

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anna (22.9.09 17:18)
seems like you're having a great time.

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